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Save as PDF Arrives on Firefox for Android (Beta & Nightly)

One of the earliest Fennec parity items in the new Firefox for Android (Fenix) was the Save as PDF option. Longtime Firefox users missed the feature upon release of Firefox Daylight, and people switching from other browsers also miss it.

Read on for a quick walkthrough on how to save PDFs in Firefox.

Download Firefox Beta or Nightly

How-to Save as PDF

The feature is pretty basic and not highly polished at the moment, but it gets the job done.

  1. Navigate to any web page that you want to save as PDF
  2. Tap the kebab menu (⋮)
  3. Tap the share icon at the bottom of the menu

    Firefox for Android kebab menu with share icon outlined in red
  4. Tap the Save as PDF “button” at the bottom of the screen

    Share sheet in Firefox for Android, with Save as PDF option at bottom of sheet
  5. Tap the purple Download button

    Download dialog for save as PDF in Firefox
  6. The file is saved to your Download folder, and you can also open it from the prompt that appears.

    Download completed dialog, with option to open saved PDF

Report issues with the PDF export at Bugzilla.

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